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tv   [untitled]    March 13, 2015 11:30am-12:01pm PDT

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where civic is at mcallister and a second involved geary street itself and you can see on the map the red northern boundary of the tenderloin district. this proposal was to include both sides of geary in the tenderloin district and the third one is the orange shaded area again dealing with the west side of the tenderloin district and further to van ness all the way south which would include city hall and all the way down to where van ness meets market street is the third option that we've heard. >> i think the chief wants to say something and i do too. >> i don't recall there was ever an option where city center got taken and i thought the blue area underneath underneath there that blue area
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would just go to van ness with mcallister being the southern border i don't think the tenderloin residents ever wanted civic center. >> correct. >> civic center is in the orange area. >> do you see where the arrow is now? that arrow would just go to van ness and the dividing line -- >> i have including the arteries to polk and eddie and farrell street larkin up to polk. >> yeah that is correct. this is why we do this but that's too broad of an area. it would go to mcallister -- that was the request. >> absolutely. >> i want to stop there. we had a really robust meeting in
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the tenderloin and the thrust behind it there was a concern about the border on larkin street and the activity there and certain gangs and people benefitting from that being a border street and you are going to talk about the mall now? west field mall. >> correct. the green shaded area represents market street between market street and third to fifth street between market and mission, which is the location of the west field mall and obviously there was discussion as president loftus mentions quite a bit particularly at the tenderloin meeting we had in january about what resources and allocation on that one. one thing we should note there's a little red dot to the left of that green area we noted that. it doesn't come up as much but it was noted as a potential issue with the new shopping center being located there.
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>> so the request was that the west field shopping mall not be in the tenderloin and community driven concerns where they felt we were expanding but not beyond the ability of those officers to respond. >> the yellow line market street at the southern border, that's the tenderloin correct? >> right here? >> there that yellow line. go to your right. yeah right there that line right there. that's tenderloin, right? >> the proposed tenderloin. >> to van ness right? >> this is the proposed. that's currently proposed. >> that represents sort of the 4 public feedback options that
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we heard and really the conscious the the concentration of many of the requests. moving to the next slide two other options came up through public feedback the first is the yellow area which represents a move south of the southern district to to mariposa a couple of blocks south we heard a lot of feedback on that option and and related to the homeless encampments underneath the 101 and whether that particular area especially where the the 101 and the spur meet at the north end whether that would stay with the mission district or whether it would go to the southern or the bayview.
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>> other questions about that? again, this is the time to discuss and get it all -- >> did portrero want the purple part or not? >> so the yellow part seemed to be there was a lot of consensus and the purple part wasn't gag to to be that big so we'll have to go back and ask them i believe they just wanted it to be part of the bayview. so that one we'll have to talk to -- i can't -- i could figure it out but i just can't see it. >> they didn't want it to go all the way to potrero i thought they wanted it to go to utah. >> these are the members from
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the potrero hill area and that's why we're here again to make sure that we're all on the same page. to keep that section in the bayview as opposed to being at mission station. >> i think it was a very very small area like just mariposa -- it's it's really only like a couple of blocks. the very bottom right-hand corner of that map -- utah and mariposa which would adjoin the bayview district. >> putting a cross on mariposa okay. >> just taking it to utah. >> only as far west as utah? >> yes, it's literally only 1
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block. >> i guessed right. that's what i heard at the last community meeting. >> i'm just going to read the letter we did get a letter to confirm from jr, eppler the area boundeded by highway 101, potrero and 16th street. as evidence by several commentators at the meeting -- i think the issue in this letter which i know you used -- the discussion is pretty broad around 16th and 18th and potrero and that's a good catch we want to to make sure we get that right. this area is part
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of the hill it says except for its policing so they really want to be part of bayview station which, i think is a testament. chief is going off script now and he's approached the television. >> so you need to come back to your microphone because i think you probably shared some pearls of wisdom that could not be heard. >> per the letter the yellow line would just continue straight across that's what they are talking about. i don't know how you would make that part of the bayview so we'll leave that to the consultant. >> any other questions on this data request? it seems that there's some narrowing that we have to do there and maybe follow up with the president and captain o'sullivan go ahead.
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>> and so moving to the last area that we heard come up, would impact the park and the richmond districts and as you can see the blue line again this was the proposed cuts across on geary to the north and south on masonic and one of the ideas that we heard was to move in a yellow -- excuse me, the gray box into the park district as well and so it would continue further west on geary and then south on stanyon. the gray box to the left would be added to park. >> and so this was an e-mail that we received from tim hickey rather who is the north of pan handle neighborhood board president and the desire
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is to keep the neighborhood together and keep it in the park station and not be divided so that was the desire of the park station, the folks that represent that neighborhood at the sea pab. >> any questions about this one? this is an i think a community initiated request that i think the department then also is thinking about given that what makes the most sense and so you see that change. and again, this is just so that we can get the data on what that change would be. yeah. >> go ahead. >> and so that takes us through the maps. in terms of the
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continuing timeline obviously we have reached the 90-day term limits of the public comment period but we would then want to take back very specific requests to our consultant who could then run the numbers on the data points and in addition to that if there's any particular other data point we may not have it we may have it and be able to get it but it would be something that we would need to make the request of them now so they could start working on it. >> so what i think i hear you saying is requesting of all of us to really reach out to our community members look into our e-mails and pass along now because we're in the position to make the best decision and i'll make a note i see here the special meeting no redistricting discussion i imagine there there will be redistricting discussion and i think our shared goal is to
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have a process that allows us to move forward and get decisions made but i'm sure there will be some feedback there and we're certainly not in a position to prohibit that so we will not have a meeting on april fool's day which i think is advisable and we'll come back and hear from the consultant who will be flying in from boston is the data and what the data tells us about the potential the potential impact on calls for service and the main points and we'll be able to have a discussion of maybe one or two maps that we could look at at that time. is that right? >> correct and again just wanted to stress the more line changes that there are the more complexity and possibilities that there are. >> and that's why we're front-ending this conversation but want to make sure everybody is clear and aware of the
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process. >> and then finally? >> i'm not taking questions yet. >> and then finally the the april 15th the third wednesday which we would not normally be in session but we will be here on april 15th and vote on the final -- it will take 30 to 45 days to actually redraw the lines and make them effective and given what we're learning about southern station being online and the move to the new public safety building i think that's a timeline we want to stick to. i'm sorry i think you have a question? i would ask now from my colleagues if there's any feedback or additional issues or data points that you have not heard about tonight? >> do we need a vote to change the dates of the meeting? >> i don't believe we do. no? okay. questions, colleagues?
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no? commissioner hwang? >> let me ask you this -- is the 15th in stone? i'm just saying that what happens to the third wednesday and those planned things. >> let me do a quorum check. >> i'm just wondering if it's possible to -- >> let me just see -- malumed >> do you have anything. >> so noted for the record. >> vice president turman ? >> i i can't be here. >> you you can't be here on the 15th.
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. >> dejes u.s. >> i i can be here. >> commissioner hwang. >> i can. >> it looks like we would have a quorum on that night and we can take the conversation offline. oh, commissioner hwang. >> i think that these under the slide for potential line change areas i think this does reflect all the changes that we've heard from the community i don't remember the discussion on park and richmond i don't know if it came in the form of a letter. >> it came through e-mail. >> i'm just trying to gauge -- how many folks the one concern i had -- i do recall, i know the west field mall is a hot potato and nobody wants this and they were very strongly
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against having it there and southern came and said we don't want it but we'll take it if we have to take it and i remember walking away feeling that they were very accommodating of the west field mall but i don't recall discussing putting it into central and they probably would have -- we didn't go to them i think because we didn't think the line changes would impact central that much. >> so i will note that we sent out specific communications to all the stations and all the captains about this process and do not fool yourself the captains are paying very close attention and we did send out that communication and i think there's a natural border of west field mall right there in in central and chief i don't know if you want to speak on that. >> the central was going to be impacted because they were
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going to get market street west of third street and that was going to happen regardless and there's been some discussion, we had a big meeting that day because retail theft is up quite a bit and a lot of the conversations that west field mall was present at was that that's one group, their camera and security issues are the same west field has many of the retailers that associate themselves in the same conversation with powell street and union square and if the commission decides this is a better fit and certainly bumping out the tender er loin west to van ness maybe you give up a little a little something on the south to make it fit and it would flow better for the policing they would still get
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those beat officers and they would then have more of the entire retail community. >> i don't know if i disagree with the ultimate solution but given this is such a big football and heard a lot from tenderloin and southern about it i'm a little concerned that potential plan you know maybe wasn't put out to the central folks so that they might have turned out in force to speak out against it as well. >> the other big issue the reasons nobody wants this place is because they think it eats a lot of resources so the question is is there any discussion about the businesses taking more responsibility for the cost of the policing? >> well, again, short of in
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annexing the west field mall much like vatican city -- [laughter] as i said central folks were welcome at either the southern meeting or tenderloin meeting. again, there there will be still be discussions this is going to be still on television and there's going to be ongoing discussions and there's largely no residential there it's pretty much all commercial that we're talking about so i can't make them do something privately i mean we still have to police the west field mall right now it has police officers and again, as we said in all of our meetings this is just a question of who the officers report to.
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>> do you know if captain lazar has had a conversation of west field become part of central station? >> i don't. >> so maybe -- we have gotten feedback from other stations where a meeting wasn't held in their district and we can talk about some potential solutions there because i think in all of these conversations around procedural justice it's part of the process you go through and it is worthwhile to make sure we sit down and be sure we understand this and folks are welcome to e-mail us. >> i actually was going to bring that up that's one of the big changes that's proposed. >> okay colleagues? any other last thoughts questions? now
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we have time we've got sometime before we're talking about this again, so we'll be back on on the 8th with more data and really appreciate all the hard work of of the controller's office. appreciate your time and attention. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> commissioner hwang would like to give you deputy commissioner badges i'm not sure that's lawful. >> [laughter] thank you so much and for your commitment to getting this right. >> please call the next line item. >> commission announcements and scheduling of items identified for consideration at future commission meetings. pretty much covered the community meeting. . >> the chief is going to present the data he has on raise and policing and that
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will be great the sooner the better. commissioner malara. >> yeah i was asked by beverly apton to follow up on the general orders and implementation. >> absolutely. >> she requested april i said i'd bring it up here and see. >> we will put that on the docket too and see what would be a good night for that. >> i have a question which may or may not be an agenda item can i talk? they are talking about sting ray on the knews to capture people's cell phones and the question i have do we have something like that? >> we have a non disclosure agreement there's a regional asset that we had access to.
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>> past tense? >> yeah. via a search warrant or court order we could gain access to such a device but the department is in the process right now of insuring that we ourselves are not the proprietor of a sting ray. >> maybe we should agendize that and should thereby policy restraints that should be put on that etc. etc. >> yeah surveillance and civil liberty and we should agendize. >> okay. >> that's that's what i that's what i suggest. >> colleagues anything further? please call the next line item. >> public comment. >> okay. public comment.
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>> hi i'm awake now and i've heard a lot of great things tonight and first of all there's a book at the library and in january and of course it got stolen friday night and i'm looking forward to getting my books back and also i've engaged in a, men's progress program over at glide and it's it's it's 52 weeks. that's a year. so i'm going to be learning a lot about violence and men not
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to violate themselves their children and family and their neighborhoods and also my teachers left who teached me computers and i'll be twittering you and facebooking you because i can i can do that now. >> awesome. >> i thought i should say that now because i'm here and i'm also interested in the president and national crime and justice and civil oversight task force i think that's very important because a lot of people want to be involved in making this a better community and so i am going to the green i was always told the irish started the police that's where we got patty wagons from. >> that hurts juicy. >> i want to end out with the
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president. we may not get there in in 1 year or even in one term but america i have never been more hopeful that i am tonight that we will get there i promise you we as a people will get there. we can not have a thriving wall street while main street suffers. end of tape. thank you. >> is there any further public comment? hearing none public comment is now closed. >> please call the next line item. >> line item 6. closed session including public comment on a vote on whether to hold item 8 in closed session. >> members we will be holding a number of matters in closed
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session for various matters of confidentiality. public comment is now closed. please call the next line item. >> colleagues do i have a motion? >> i move to go into closed session. >> all those in favor, we're back in open session president loftus >> thank you inspector. inspector please call the next line item. >> line item 9 vote to whether to disclose from 8 a to g held in closed session 67.12-a action. >> colleagues do i have a motion to not disclose.
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>> i move not to disclose. >> i second. . >> all in favor. >> all opposed? motion passed. inspector please call the next line item. >> motion to adjourn. >> motion passed. thank you everyone. we are out of session. >>
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> the san francisco playground's hitsvery dates back to 1927 when the area where the present playground and center is today was purchased by the city for $27,000. in the 1950s, the sen consider was expanded by then mayor robinson and the old gym was built. thanks to the passage of the 2008 clean and safe neighborhood parks bond, the sunset playground has undergone extensive renovation to its four acres of fields, courts, play grounds, community rooms, and historic gymnasium. >> here we are. 60 years and $14 million later, and we have got this beautiful,
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brand-new rec center completely accessible to the entire neighborhood. >> the new rec center houses multi-purpose rooms for all kinds of activities including basketball, line dancing, playing ping-pong and arts can crafts. >> you can use it for whatever you want to do, you can do it here. >> on friday, november 16, the dedication and ribbon cutting took place at the sunset playground and recreation center, celebrating its renovation. it was raining, but the rain clearly did not dampen the spirits of the dignitaries, community members and children in attendance. [cheering and applauding] ♪ ♪ is now called to order roll call